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Dec 19, 2012 12:00am PST
companies use plain english to rob you blind," david cay johnston. technical adjustment. what does that mean? in the interest of fairness, is there any scenario in which chained cpi does not hurt seniors? >> no. chained cpi is a good measure for the whole economy, but not for seniors who have rising health care costs. and looking at average health care costs doesn't work for older people because they're big consumers of health care. >> who is going to get hurt? i mean, if the -- if we cut social security this way? if this is done the way the white house is proposing it, who is going to get hurt? >> well, if you're 45 years old today, or 35 years old today, when you're 85, you will really feel this pain. the change over time will be significant. and the idea of chained cpi is that you'll institute things. so you may be eating hamburger today. you'll be eating chicken later because of chained cpi. and you may end up on cat food your last days. >> could it be that bad? is this a drastic move by the white house to propose this? >> it's a tiny move in terms of the economy. in the year 2
Dec 13, 2012 5:00pm PST
who had a great relationship to banking. the bank robber willie sutton. they asked him why he robbed the banks at least reputedly and he said that's where the money is. if we're going to cut let's go where the money is. in the military budget, particularly in that part of the military budget unrelated to legitimate national security needs, unrelated to the need to protect people who really are in trouble. we are still fully stocked to wen a thermonuclear war with the soviet union long after there isn't one. we are still protecting germany, italy, england, and austria from staalin and his successors even though they are now strong enough to meet a threat which in fact doesn't exist. i just had my very able aid marcus rose check this for me. over the last ten years we have spent $3.8 billion in medicare. that's true. during that same period we spent $5.6 billion on the military. the military has been going up fast faster and it includes an awful lot of expenditure, unnecessary. we're reading today that canada is recoring whether they're going to buy the f-35. the f-35 is a very, very w
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)